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About Målerås

Mats Jonasson’s work is highly collectable and is internationally renowned. Born in 1947 into the third generation of master glass craftsmen in his family. His talent as a designer attracted attention early on, when he started work as an apprentice engraver at the Målerås glassworks in Sweden in 1959.

During the next few decades he worked with the most respected contemporary glass artists in Sweden. Throughout this period, he developed his practice to become one of the leading glass artists within his process. He has developed new techniques for sandblasting glass and new ideas for designs.

In 1988 Mats took over the company of MÅLERÅS, which now employs over 90 people and is characterised by the glass relief works. All work is made using the finest Swedish crystal. Mats Jonasson and his small team of glass designers work in a Swedish village that has a rich history in glass production. Mats is inspired by the natural world around him, he says “Our forests have captured the hearts and minds of people since time immemorial“.

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