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Mark Mann

Using the seductive qualities of ceramics, bronze and textiles, Mark Mann’s work is a commentary on society, its injustices and its pleasures. The works explore historical themes with a contemporary relevance. Mark’s current collection is a celebration of the domestic interiors created by homosexual men in a time when homosexuality was illegal. The work often uses coded imagery to convey queer meaning.  

‘I wanted to create a collection inspired by the bravery of the queer interior.’ 

Centuries of persecution, a lack of public visibility and private space has forced queer individuals to have a unique relationship to design and the modern interior. ‘The meaning for me is in the material. I enjoy the idea that I use finely crafted facades to conceal ugly realities.’ Mark’s work uses motifs of flora and fauna applied through a combination of techniques to very traditional forms. These are used to carry a message, like Invasion; a textile design featuring same-sex parakeets cavorting and mating.  

Following a degree in Fine Art and Psychology, Mark studied art education at Cambridge University. Teaching and lecturing for the past 16 years has allowed him to share his passion for art and design. 

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