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Peter Layton

As one of the worlds most respected glass artists, Peter has done more to promote glass making as an art form than anyone else in Europe. He describes glass as ‘Extraordinarily Seductive’, and explains that every piece is an adventure. Renowned for his creativity and strong use of colour, Peter shares many of the attributes of hot glass itself; spontaneity, an aversion to conforming and the ability to produce something magical at any moment. Peter strives to create loose and expressive pieces. Rather than trying to forge the hot glass, he allows it to evolve – choosing to embrace, rather than overcome, the uncertainty that it always brings.

Peter set up London Glass blowing Studio and Gallery in 1974 and it has since gone on to become one of Europe’s leading creative hubs for glass blowing. His pioneering vision to establish a workshop that would take risks and experiment with glass in an organic fashion, has breathed a life and energy into a material previously confined to industrial usage.

Peter’s commitment to the craft is such that he’s dedicated much time to nurturing and developing the skills of others – the next generation of glassblowers – by providing a truly unique environment for them to flourish. In the last 40 years scores of talented glassmakers have worked under his tutelage, producing successful collaborative projects and individual works of glass art. His faith that we will make bold and courageous choices underpins the creative energy that flows through the studio, and is one of the cornerstones of the studio’s philosophy which is based on mutual trust and respect.

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