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Nature's Bliss

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About Cathy Wild

Cathy is a self-taught artist whose work vividly represents her transformative and ongoing healing journey. After spending many years living on a tiny Indonesian island, as well as in the Lake District and Norfolk, she found a deep connection to the land and surrounding nature. As a result, her artwork delves deeply into the profound impact of nature on psychological well-being and inner peace. Through her pieces, Cathy captures the essence of her experiences and the therapeutic power of the natural world.

In her most recent work, she has been experimenting with raw canvas and alternative techniques that invite viewers to actively engage with the artwork. This interactive approach allows them to fill in the blanks and become part of the creative process themselves. By doing so, the art becomes a shared experience, fostering a deeper connection between the viewer and the piece. This engagement not only enhances the viewer’s appreciation of the art but also empowers them to reflect on their own healing and transformation.

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