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Kevin Turton

Kevin Turton is a Norfolk based artist who has developed a distinctive abstracted style which encompasses the physical elements of nature. Taking inspiration from the wild North Norfolk coast and the wider landscapes, his work simulates the changes of light one would observe when experiencing a landscape, enhancing the illusion of seeing them first hand.

“I also hope to challenge the viewer to put their own interpretation on each painting, making it more personal to them, whilst increasing their awareness of the natural beauty around them.” Kevin Turton

Turton’s process starts by ‘painting’ with textures, using different acrylic pastes which are layered over each other to build up the sculptural base on which he then works. Colour is introduced using many layers of transparent pigment as washes, pours and scumbling. At this point subtle highlights of interference medium and metallics are introduced to create changes in colour and hue when viewed from different angles and simulate the changes of light one would observe when viewing an actual landscape. Many types of clear acrylic gel are also poured, splashed, textured, tinted or inter-layered with further transparent pigment, interference or metallics to reflect and refract light from different angles. Turton uses these many layers to enhance the illusion of ‘being there’, of passing through the landscape.

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