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Mountain Range Vessel

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Ceramic vessel

About Ricky Grimes

Ricky was born in Glasgow in 1961 and grew up in the north side of the city before heading to London in his early twenties. Following a stint as a baker at Neal’s Yard Bakery in Covent Garden, he began training in ceramics with Vivian Rodwell Davis at Montem School, Islington. As well as developing his own work, he also ran the pottery studio and took on the role of tutor technician at Ormond Road Workshops. In 2002, a few years after his twin girls arrived, he set up his own business in Muswell Hill in an old Printer’s workshop. Now a thriving pottery studio, Ricky and his assistant Jenny Williams run classes and push the boundaries of ceramics. Ricky explores a wide variety of forms and techniques, from large hand-built pieces, to fine contemporary porcelain.

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